EXO’s Chanyeol is implicated of cheat on their ex-girlfriend with over 10 babes; SM enjoyment RESPONDS

EXO’s Chanyeol is implicated of cheat on their ex-girlfriend with over 10 babes; SM enjoyment RESPONDS

EXO’s Chanyeol is implicated of cheat on their ex-girlfriend with over 10 babes; SM enjoyment RESPONDS

In certain shocking reports, an OP that is declaring become EXO representative Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend for a few age keeps accused your of cheat on the with more than 10 babes in their union. Depending on Koreaboo, the OP composed a very detail by detail post on an online neighborhood and discussed they along with alleged photographs of these two during their commitment.

The pictures apparently match Chanyeol’s residence when some contrasted the photos to a snap shared of the vocalist’s aunt Park Yoo-ra on Instagram where the woman is seen at the lady brother’s home, back in April. More over, the beanie when you look at the breeze was seemingly the same as Chanyeol’s favourite beanie. Inside her article resolved to Chanyeol, the OP mentioned that she actually is being “dirtied and unattractive” after getting deceived by the 27-year-old vocalist. About their commitment, the OP advertised the two met around October 2017 and after flirting like typical couples, Chanyeol requested her out. “lately, while approaching the 3rd anniversary, i consequently found out a shocking truth. I tried to not believe it until i watched and read they for myself personally, and that I thought you when you stated it actually wasn’t true,” the OP penned.

“But, while in the 36 months that people are matchmaking, you became someone’s first and someone’s one-night stay.

While I was sleep peacefully, you’re always busy playing around dirtily with a brand new girl. That provided numerous girl group people, Youtubers, transmit DJs, dancers, stewardesses, and. Can you adore it? You were fairly well-known. Folks surrounding you, excepting me personally, understood exactly how filthy you might be. Truly, best their fans and that I didn’t know.” the OP added. The OP furthermore said that when another member demonstrated fascination with their, she is shocked with how he didn’t state a word or indicated that he had been in a bad aura in front of the representative. Instead, Chanyeol would curse from the affiliate behind his again. According to the OP, the explanation for this was because he had been allegedly not proud of their unique relationship. The OP furthermore advertised that she jokingly informed Chanyeol that if he was going to hack on her, do so covertly, that he presumably used.

“2 days after we broke up, your called me to get together again. We told you the reports We heard, and you couldn’t state a word and pretended you probably didn’t understand. Thus I called among women you slept with, and after becoming quiet for 3 moments, your mentioned, ‘What about this lady?’ Do you know how absurd this one term forced me to believe? We recorded [our talk] because there happened to be subjects exactly who wanted to know what excuses you’d tell myself,” the OP remembered.

The OP visited pin the blame on by herself for believing and safeguarding Chanyeol with no knowledge of what kind of bit of s**t he seemingly are.

The OP provided that she hid the pictures from their closest family and stated never to have a sweetheart because she planned to secure Chanyeol’s job. “My personal center falls every time we also listen the title. I hope worldwide discovers what sort of b*****d you actually include. Cannot contact myself,” the OP concluded.

Per Sporting events Chosun, SM Entertainment have taken care of immediately the dirty accusations submit on Chanyeol. “We do not have any recognized stance to the article in question,” they simply reported.

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