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  • GRADE A QUALITY:¬†Every module is individually tested, all non-OEM labels are removed, zero physical damage to PCB, caps, resistors, ICs or the original OEM label. All modules receive a complete cleaning and final inspection before preparation for shipment in new trays with tension straps.
  • CHIPSALZ STOCK: We never broker parts or work off other resellers inventory lists and offer as our own.
  • NO RMA DEPARTMENT: Chipsalz maintains the lowest return rate in the business due to our stringent receiving and handling processes
  • SELECTIVE SUPPLIERS: Chipsalz qualifies suppliers for long term value; we treat our suppliers just like our customers
  • NO IN-HOUSE TESTING: Unusual bragging rights? While the industry settles for boot or batch testing to cover their quality and keep costs low, Chipsalz outsources testing to the experts. 100% of our modules are tested on state-of-the-art equipment, prior to inspection, sort and cleaning. This strategy keeps our overhead low and guarantees our quality commitment.
  • Celebrating HALF-BILLION in memory sales since 1992

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  • We are buyers, NOT brokers, we are financially ready to purchase and stock
  • We proudly do business with suppliers around the globe
  • We value our references, we pay ON TIME and will work with COD, short and longer terms
  • We buy only GRADE A