Set of Pro Bono Authentic Providers. The complete listing is divided into separate areas that correspond to the patient immigration courts across the nation.

Set of Pro Bono Authentic Providers. The complete listing is divided into separate areas that correspond to the patient immigration courts across the nation.

Set of Pro Bono Authentic Providers. The complete listing is divided into separate areas that correspond to the patient immigration courts across the nation.

Explore EOIR’s Pro Bono site to apply to-be on the List of Pro Bono professional companies.

For a copy of full a number of professional Bono law providers, kindly just click here.

For a list of suppliers that seem at a certain immigration courtroom, kindly click on the pertinent state/territory about map or number below. Take note when a certain state/territory isn’t an energetic connect either in the map or list below, then there’s at this time no immigration judge or hearing location for the reason that state. If you’re in one of these states/territories, kindly go through the state for which you get court situation hearing locate a nearby provider.

The Government Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), Company of Plan, Company of Legal Accessibility Programs (OLAP) administers the menu of Pro Bono Legit Service Providers or the “List.” The List are printed quarterly (January, April, July, and Oct). Record is central to EOIR’s efforts to really improve the quantity and top-notch representation before the adjudicators, and is an essential instrument to see people in proceedings before EOIR of offered pro bono legal services. The rules for being qualified companies, pro bono referral service, and lawyers getting put on record are located in the Signal of Federal Regulations, 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 et seq. (80 Fed. Reg. 59503).

Record are given to individuals in immigration legal proceeding and contains details on not-for-profit businesses and solicitors that have committed to providing about 50 days per year of pro bono legal providers prior to the immigration courtroom location in which they appear on the List. Record also incorporates info on pro bono reference providers that recommend people in immigration courtroom procedures to pro bono counsel.


On October 1, 2015 the Office revised the guidelines governing the former Variety Of Complimentary Law Service Providers at 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 et seq. The amendments rebranded record given that “List of expert Bono appropriate Service Providers” and substantially modified the requirements for service providers getting positioned on the List. Amendments to your guideline put: demanding organizations and solicitors to convey at the very least 50 several hours a-year of pro bono legal treatments at each and every immigration courtroom in which they show up on record, permitting public comment on pending competent people to-be positioned on the List; and, imposing a recertification of services every 3 years from the date of approval on checklist. For a duplicate on the last guideline inside the government enter, click on this link.

  • Companies put on the List of 100 % free professional treatments Service providers ahead of November 30, 2015, the successful big date associated with the revised guideline, must reapply are put on the menu of Professional Bono Legal Service Providers. Problems to re-apply inside the required time period will result in removing the provider’s identity from List. Just click here for additional records.
    • Lawyers must re-apply within a few months of effective time or by might 30, 2016.
    • Companies and referral providers must reapply within a year in the successful day or by November 30, 2016.


Pro Bono appropriate treatments become “those uncompensated appropriate service carried out for indigent aliens or perhaps the public good without the expectation of either drive or indirect remuneration, like recommendation charges (apart from processing charge or photocopying and mailing costs).” 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61(a)(2). Record is not to be utilized by businesses or lawyers for the intended purpose of solicitation for compensated legal service.


Go to the Pro Bono Portal to make use of on line. While on-line submitting was firmly stimulated, individuals could also send utilizing kind EOIR-56.

In Case You Are a non-profit business, pro bono reference provider, or lawyer in exclusive practise and wish to be provided one of many Pro Bono Appropriate Providers, please reference the qualifications requirement and application processes set forth at 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 et seq. (80 Fed. Reg. 59503). Be sure to thoroughly check the guidelines and follow all of them when completing the proper execution. Paper solutions should-be submitted to:

Pro Bono listing officer company of professional accessibility tools company of rules government Office for Immigration Analysis 5107 Leesburg Pike, collection 2500 drops chapel, Virginia 22041

For extra question, be sure to get in touch with the Pro Bono listing officer by cell at: 703-756-8020 or by mail at


For latest companies, to ask improvement or news towards existing records or listing, please deliver a message to

The email must add a description of requested change(s) plus contact details. The List are upgraded quarterly (January, April, July and October), and all of revise demands need presented about four weeks before the quarter in which you are asking for an update. Companies with a pending program or at this time regarding the number must alert OLAP, on paper, within 10 working days, in the event that provider’s email address has evolved, if any particular limits on supplying pro bono legal service have altered, or if perhaps the provider no longer is entitled to show up on the List. Read 8 C.F.R. § 1003.66. Problems to tell OLAP may produce title associated with carrier being taken out of record. See 8 C.F.R. § 1003.65.


The labels of all of the pending competent people is added to record can be available for general public feedback before publishing associated with the number in January, April, July and October. To touch upon people for any pending List, kindly click.


As needed by rules, EOIR preserves the List of expert Bono authentic Service Providers and lineup of known companies and Accredited Representatives. See 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 and § 1292.2. The information and knowledge submitted regarding the List and on the roster try made available to EOIR by the expert Bono legit Service Providers and also the Recognized businesses. EOIR doesn’t recommend these businesses, referral solutions, or solicitors. Additionally, EOIR cannot be involved in, nor is it responsible for, the representation conclusion or results of those businesses, referral service, or attorneys.

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If you’re in immigration courtroom, read “this notice” before you take legal counsel.